5 Reasons to Leave IT Hiring to Technical Recruiters

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While most industries experienced a relative slump, the IT industry has exploded with need-to-fill positions. All those jobs have one thing in common—finding the perfect qualified individual may not be as easy as it used to be.

Companies have struggled to hire the best candidates for their open positions, often because the people in charge of hiring employees don’t know what they should be looking for. Or rather, sometimes they just don’t have access to the right tools.

What is a technical recruiter?

This is a recruiter with a specialization in a specific field—they have the technical skills to find the perfect employee. A technical recruiter will have extensive knowledge of IT-related fields. More than that, they’ll be up-to-date on the current technologies and trends.

5 Reasons to Leave IT Hiring to A Professional Technical Recruiter

  1. They’re tech-knowledge gurus.

Whether they have personal experience working in a similar position or have spent years building an impressive portfolio of clients, technical recruiters will know the industry they’re in like the back of their hand.

  • They look beyond the technical skills.

In order to be able to provide a list of good candidates, technical recruiters get to what’s really important for a future employee. Of course the technical skills matter, but so does how well a candidate can fit into the specific structure of a business. If a company has a looser structure but the candidate enjoys sticking to strict deadlines and being highly productive, there could be an imbalance in their value due to the company’s culture.

  • They’re expertise equals connections.

Having experience as a developer, software engineer or other related profession, or being a veteran in finding excellent candidates, means technical recruiters know a thing or two. They understand where the best places are to find a good mix of technical skills and experience.

  • Connections often lead to contacts.

Technical recruiters establish connections with people, which can often mean they can contact those people on behalf of a client. This useful aspect holds technical recruiters to a much higher standard than a Google search and online job posting.

  • They have an eye for certain details.

Anyone with a bit of tech knowledge can find candidates. However, technical recruiters take it a step further and ensure that the list of candidates they provide have been screened. Much like the typical hiring process, these recruiters look at resumes, ask questions, conduct interviews, and select who they feel would be the best fit for their clients. Ultimately, a good technical recruiter can spot a qualified individual quickly.


The use of remote skills and positions—even when hiring recruiters—has become more popular in recent years. With an expansion in remote recruiting, the pool of talent technical recruiters can pull from makes gathering the most experienced candidates easier. Clients would benefit in many ways by leaving the recruiting to knowledge-hardened technical recruiters who make a living from not settling for less than the best.