Tips to Elevate Technical Recruiting Skills

photo by People Creations

With over 700 programming languages out there, technical recruiters (and developers) don’t have a shortage of material to learn from. But what skills should they focus on improving? What should they spend their valuable time on?

Top Programming Languages

Let’s start with what programming languages are at the forefront of the tech industry.

  • Java

Having been around for over 20 years, Java is still one of the most popular programming languages to learn. It’s also the most widely used and versatile language. Most developers will swear Java is essential while others suggest it’s becoming quickly outdated. Nonetheless, the solid community behind it and the extent to which it is used hasn’t significantly decreased over the years.

  • Python

Python has often been compared with Java. It tends to be faster and is considered an easier language to learn over Java. This is because Python uses an English-based syntax, making comprehension of the coding process simpler. It is nearly as versatile as Java as well, though it’s much younger.

  • JavaScript

Like Python and Java, JavaScript sits at the top of the most implemented programming languages in the world. JavaScript does, however, join Python in being an easier language to learn. Due to its relation to Java itself, JavaScript gets more recognition than Python since it’s based around Java.

Other Areas & Tools

  • Esoteric Programming Languages

Different from the other programming languages, esoteric languages generally don’t serve more than one purpose. Often, they can be visually-appealing or artistic. They resemble rebels in a war since what they’re used for (one or two specific things) is the opposite of languages like Java and Python.

  • WordPress

WordPress is high on the list of excellent website development platforms. Not only that, but WordPress contains several tools such as widgets, audio and video options, various linking processes, and even a HTML aspect. The latter could be the perfect tool for coders looking to brush up on certain skills or learn new ones. Additionally, the platform is host to websites for many top companies and is worth checking out.

  • Books

Books on every subject never seem to go out of style as they are still being produced. Many are written and updated yearly to keep up with changing industries. The tech industry in particular is constantly evolving. Sometimes, sitting down and reading up on things is the best method to improve.

Knowledge is Still the Best Kind of Power

Practical application is right up there with it but, having knowledge of different areas and the skills required is the other half of the coin. For developers, recruiters, and all other members of the tech industry, staying up to date on the latest versions of tools and systems is crucial. Understanding the changes from old versions to new ones is the first step to improving technical skills.

Once that’s out of the way and you have solidified that understanding, branch out and learn something new! As mentioned, the tech industry continues to evolve—meaning new skills can give you an edge over others in your field!