What Does a Technical Recruiter Do?

photo by Creative Art

Technical recruiters are different from general recruiters. They are specially trained to work in the tech industry as a part of the hiring process. This generally also means they have unique skills, as well as having undergone educational and practical courses to utilize those skills. When entering the hiring process, technical recruiters could be an unexpected asset most companies ignore.

Many businesses think employees with excellent technical skills, for example, are more capable of hiring people. Those in charge believe these employees know what the business wants and have more experience than technical recruiters.

Let’s breakdown some basic things technical recruiters do:

  • They create a hiring plan and implement it.

For their clients, technical recruiters come up with a specialized hiring plan for what technical skills the business prefers, criteria for experience/ideal age range/etc, range of pay, and more. On top of this, these recruiters implement this tailored plan to draw in the best candidates.

  • They may attend career fairs or seminars.

Technical recruiters utilize public events like career fairs and seminars to recruit fresh candidates if it meets the client’s needs. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, did put a halt on in-person career fairs and virtual fairs have become more popular. Thus, this element of the hiring process may not be conducted as much in the future.

  • They make and coordinate contacts.

As a technical recruiter, particularly one who has been in the business for years and worked with numerous clients, they will likely have lists of potential candidates or contacts they can get in touch with to bring candidates into the hiring process.

Steps to Becoming a Technical Recruiter

  1. Get a degree.

Degrees are not required for this field but do give aspiring technical recruiters an advantage. However, the degree, if obtained, should be in areas such as human resources, business, or marketing.

  • Gain experience.

Most of the tech industry values professional experience over educational experience. The same is true for technical recruiters since the industry is constantly adapting to new technologies. Having experience in a changing environment means adaptability has become an ingrained skill.

  • Obtain certifications if possible.

This should be used as an addition to a degree and relevant experience. Certifications for related skills set technical recruiters apart from their competition. As mentioned, experience trumps education, but they can still all build off each other.


Becoming a technical recruiter—or rather, a good technical recruiter—is primarily about adapting to the industry and client needs. Additionally, all recruiters should study every aspect of their field, particularly to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies. Clients will expect this.

Finding viable candidates is an important part of a recruiter’s job as well. Establishing connections with other recruiters and companies while building a client portfolio can be extremely valuable down the road also. On the other hand, knowing where to find clients, recruiters, and candidates is equally as important.

Overall, it boils down to an openness to learning, adapting, and continuously improving skillsets.