10 Tips to Decrease Recruiter Burden

Photo by Aleksandra Sapozhnikova on Unsplash

Sometimes, it feels as though the recruitment process is just something that your company just can’t find the time to deal with. Many companies that face this very same issue are in need of some tips to ease this entire process.  

While your company increases in size or is in a field with a high turn-over rate, the workload for a recruiter can pile up quickly. Finding the right candidates can be an overwhelming process that can feel downright burdensome. Keep in mind that the recruiter must consider all legal and moral obligations the company holds. Wages, classifications, privacy, and compliance obligations must be kept as well. 

All of this must be conducted within a set budget. There is a lot on the plate for your recruiting department, and here are 11 tips to reduce the time spent to complete the recruiting process.

  • Automated tasks

With an increasing number of applicants, it is hard to personalize or engage with them directly. A few computerized tasks can be put in place, like e-mails in response to submissions. The scores of each candidate can also be assessed to speed up the process. Automatic updates can be sent out as the applicant progresses through the phases. 

An automated system is best not used for rejections because it can have a negative impact on the company as a whole.  This should take place on a more personal level.

  • Scheduling options

A lot of time goes into the process of recruiting for both managers and recruiters. Communication when planning an interview or phone screen can be a time-consuming process. Allowing the candidates to select their own time slots for scheduling greatly reduces this unnecessary interaction. The applicant can reserve times directly through the calendar tool.  

This is one of the best tips for reducing the overall time spent.

  1. Templates

Saving templates is another excellent way to decrease the time spent on administrative tasks. When dealing with jobs pooling a large group, a template instead of individualizing can save a lot of time. It’s a great foundation to lead into customizing each job’s specifics.

  • Mobile-friendly

Eliminating candidates via smartphone is a great way to ease the burden for both recruiters and hiring managers and reduce any confusion from within. Accessing this pool anytime, anywhere will allow the removal of obvious disqualified candidates.  

  • E-signatures

To avoid the back and forth of document signing, e-signing is the best bet. It helps to speed the process up and get the necessary signatures to finish the process of hiring said candidates. All legal issues and contracts can be signed in this manner, and it is completely safe and secure.  

  • Career Builder

The careers page on your site also has a lot of working parts that need to be considered. It is a significant part of your website 

  • Artificial Intelligence

It is a difficult task to find the right candidate for each job. Often, enough applicants for each specified position are hard to obtain. 

In an industry such as developing software, competition is soaring and this causes a shortage of candidates to handle the task. This would usually result in the recruiter seeking out more candidates. However, with AI, candidates can be sought after automatically, with parameters being adjustable. This allows finding more candidates and finding candidates that match specific criteria.

  • Replicate

With the departure of employees comes the need to seek out a candidate to fill the position. 

Generally, this nearly impossible task of recruiting applicants would begin. But, if you replicate the original process, you can be ready to do it again for just a few clicks. This is especially important in an industry with a high turn-over rate.  

  • Multiple Boards

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Use different platforms to post your need for a job opening to be filled. Using one platform only reduces the pool of applicants and is overall very limited. You want your job opening to be posted on several platforms. 

  • Interview Remotely

An in-person interview can be a lot to ask of each candidate when the ability to conduct interviews remotely is available. 

An estimated 3 hours can be spent for each candidate, with commute time included. For the initial interviews, they do have to be completed in person. 

Obviously, recruiting is a necessary aspect of any successful company. You have the ability to simplify the entire process and save valuable time by following these tips. Your production within the company will increase, and you can focus your time and energy elsewhere.