4 Distinct Categories of Recruitment Videos

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Businesses, whether they do their hiring or work with an outside firm, are always looking for new ways to attract and retain top talent. Due to the high demand for developers and other tech-related professionals, it is common knowledge that all companies operating in this sector must go through a few extra hoops. As a result, many organizations are trying out recruitment videos as a new tool to improve their hiring procedures.

What should one expect from a recruitment video?

How do these videos look? In general, they are concise but compelling. They engagingly present the company’s history and notify both active and passive candidates about the open position. You may find these advertisements on many sites, job boards, and social media.

The plan is to use a mobile-first strategy for hiring to increase the visibility of job posts, the number of eligible applicants, and the number of applications from certain demographics, such as millennials and Gen Z.

It’s crucial to lay a solid foundation if you want to change your recruiting procedures and adopt this philosophy for the first time. First and foremost, investigate all of your possibilities. The most common options that get results are:

  • Staff interviews,
  • Taking a virtual tour of the workplace,
  • Visual explanations,
  • An employee’s regular life and activities.

Common forms of recruiting video content should each be tailored to serve a unique but equally important function. Pick a form that best fits your requirements and long-term objectives. The greatest way to illustrate the experience and culture of a company is through interviews with current employees. But a tour of the workplace is a prime option for individuals who derive great value from their work setting. Also, showing a prospective employee what a given employee does on a typical day is a great way to elaborate on their tasks and responsibilities.

The explanation has recently undergone some changes. The program isn’t designed to fill any one position. These videos are best utilized in branding efforts and to showcase the company’s overall mission.

The best recruitment video ever: how to build it?

If you want to achieve the results you’ve set out for, there are some broad rules you must follow. Of course, it stands to reason that the length of your recruitment video should be kept to a minimum. It needs to be pithy while yet entertaining. Second, try to make it a two-way exchange of ideas. And rather than just giving a tale, it’s always effective to ask questions instead. Plus, you can make it a better experience by anticipating and responding to common questions new workers and candidates pose. Deliver the knowledge your audience needs.

Nonetheless, before you do any of that, you must determine what your video will do. Do you hope to bring in fresh faces to your organization? Do you have an urgent requirement to fill a position? Make an explicit statement, display your values, and establish your ambitions.

Begin with the fundamentals and emphasize the most pressing concerns.

These videos aim to promote your company’s values, raise awareness of your brand, and humanize your business to potential clients. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you provide your readers with a glimpse of your working environment and team. But you need to take baby steps first. Give some thought to the message you wish to send. Get your bearings and establish your tone at the outset. Determine who will be a part of your recruitment videos before filming begins.

Then, make the most of the occasion by responding to the important questions any potential recruit could have. And make it exciting, educational, and enjoyable for the audience. In this way, you may give the audience a sense of what it’s like to work for and do business with your company. Finally, shooting more than one video to reach a bigger pool of talent with varied aspirations and tastes is essential.

Don’t make things complicated; keep it brief and sweet.

Recruiters are familiar with the overall concept because of its ease and time savings. Particularly, people who work for an IT staffing firm or in the IT industry as a whole should be adept at the art of concise communication. How long does a normal recruitment video last? These video ads, however, shouldn’t go on for more than three minutes. In most cases, applicants give interviewers their whole attention for 1 minute and 36 seconds, according to the research. Don’t forget that while you’re trying to get your point through.

Include a call-to-action that stands out.

Including a compelling call to action (CTA) is crucial to the success of any recruitment video. It’s crucial to present a call to action in a way that is both obvious and aesthetically pleasant. The goal now is to simplify the following action. So tell the applicants what they need to accomplish, and make sure it’s not anything dull, drawn out, and prone to ranting. Perhaps all you have to do is suggest they go to your current employment openings. Alternatively, you may point them in the direction of an application (hopefully, a time-saving one). Marketing your business’s blog and other resources, social media material, and any other type of contact is another possibility.

It’s important to share your recruitment videos.

When your recruitment video is complete and ready to go viral, the next step is to get the word out. It belongs on your site, maybe on a careers page. You should also post it on social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Employees should help with the outreach by posting, liking, and sharing your material with potential prospects. Also, consult a reliable tech recruiting firm if you need additional advice or insider knowledge on finding and hiring developers and other IT specialists.