7 Talent Acquisition and Recruitment Trends in 2022

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

We have identified the top emerging trends that will impact how, when, and where we acquire and recruit talents this year. So, let’s have a quick look at some of these trends that will undoubtedly impact recruitment in 2022.

Interviewing Remotely

This is a very recent trend in the recruitment niche, primarily because of the need to work from home for most people during the pandemic. This has been found to not only affect working but also work interviews. Interviews that take place remotely can be held using software for video conferencing such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoRemote, and other video interviewing tools. The interviewer puts a call through to the recruit and sets up a face-to-face interview for appropriate communication. Another advantage of this hiring system is that other departments can collaborate to participate also in the recruitment process to get the best candidate for the job. Technical issues could, however, pose a challenge with this method.

Candidate Experience

With the pandemic, more attention was drawn to making employee experiences better than what used to be obtainable. The pandemic helped many organizations focus more on providing and promoting a balance between employees’ work and their personal lives. This has been found to improve employees’ productivity with an advertent effect on the organization’s overall productivity.

Diversity and Inclusion

A rapidly growing area for human resource leaders that switches up businesses’ productivity and profitability rate. It is good to diversify when it comes to recruiting your workforce; this way, you gather together diverse candidates in your talent pool and get to choose the traits you desire.

Contingent Workers 

Coupled with the air of uncertainty around businesses, staffing your organization with contingent workers is a valid trend. This is because when needs fluctuate in the company, especially with regards to the shortage of staff, contingent workers step in to provide the flexibility needed at such a time. The hiring process comes in as different for contingent workers as opposed to full-time employees.


Described as a partly recruiting trend that helps to appropriately define the acquisition and recruitment strategies needed for each organization. Using Analytics helps an organization find out areas of weaknesses and strengths while also helping to identify challenges/problems in the acquisition and recruitment process. Analytics offer recruiters access to the hiring source, the timing of a job, vacancy cost, diversity, and the cost and quality of hire.

Artificial Intelligence 

The current use of artificial intelligence in software today has made many things easier, including the recruitment of talents. Different platforms for talent have succeeded in doing away with bias associated with identifying, selecting, and hiring candidates. Artificial intelligence is a trending acquisition and recruitment strategy because it sorts out candidates so well that only qualified candidates are employed.

Skills and Competencies

Much thanks to the influence of Artificial intelligence! Much thanks because a critical component of the hiring process is well catered for; skills and competencies. While hiring candidates, looking out for hard and soft skills is vital. The advent of various software which helps to adequately assess the needed skills and match them with the vacant positions has made it way easier to evaluate skills and competencies.