Mobile Recruiting: Attracting Millennial and Gen Z Talent

Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Mobile Recruitment is a way of searching for candidates using social media platforms as a talent database or posting open jobs and positions. Mobile recruiting is a strategy in which all tools are effective – creating career pages adapted for viewing on mobile devices, with the help of apps, text messaging, and even social media. Yes, there’s certainly overlap with social recruiting. What does this give you? You will be able to engage Generation Z talent. 

So, how to make mobile recruiting a convenient way of contacting your potential candidates? Keep reading and find out what are the main tips.

The strategy of mobile recruiting is rather efficient and is able to engage new generations. Like many types of research show, people use smartphones very much, and they are likely to submit for a job with the help of their mobile devices. However, only 18% of companies that participated in a recent survey had optimized their posts for mobile. 

Filling open jobs only depends on a good mobile recruiting strategy. Let’s get acquainted with 4 main tips to help your mobile recruiting.

  1. Develop Mobile User Experience

Decide what purpose the smartphone in the hands of a potential candidate will serve – will it simply talk about your company / urge them to send in their CV? The call to action only seems obvious, but you need to decide right away – depending on how clearly you can analyse your audience and what message they are most likely to perceive, it will determine the effectiveness of your mobile recruitment strategy. 

To do this, you can conduct a simple experiment – take a group of candidates and ask them what they would like to see on your page, how important it is for them to be able to submit an application via smartphone (mobile app in it) and what they would like to receive from you on social media. Just begin with assessing your present recruitment process.

  • Right Software Management¬†¬†

An ordinary application process demands candidates to fill in long forms, attach cover letters and CVs, and copy/paste URLs from their portfolio. All of these tasks will be very difficult with mobile devices. However, if you invest in the appropriate candidate tracking, the good mobile optimization process will pass with no errors when you improve the candidate’s skills.

  • Mobile as a Main Means of Communication: Career Page Development

Today, mobile considers being the most important means of communication. Generation Z talent always wants to be well informed. Usually, they need to get the certain message the company sends before applying for this or that job. So, think twice about whether your careers page coincides with your company’s main features and means of modern communication.

It’s very simple: a lack of strategy can cause you to lose a great candidate. If you’re still in doubt about whether you should at least try to adapt your career page for mobile devices – in the meantime, someone simply using the simplest app is already hunkering down with the people you’re looking for. Yes, practice shows that mobile recruiting proves to be relevant not only for those just starting their job search but even for those seeking a senior position.

  • Updated New Strategy For Mobile¬†

Good mobile recruiting is an integral part of attracting and developing Generation Z talent.

The easiest and most relevant way to start using mobile recruiting is to create a mobile version of your website. If it can be conveniently viewed on a tablet or smartphone, that’s a step towards your candidate. But make sure you start from scratch – don’t try to fit everything into the mobile version, but try to explain to the team that it should be very simple and easy to use and serve a specific purpose.

Mobile recruiting is not going to disappear in the next few years but will only gain momentum, so if you find yourself in the trend now, it will be easier to move forward later. Try to insist, try to prove that the company needs it, that this strategy will become more and more effective over time.